Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thrift Store Finds Shared on Vintage Thingies Thursday

Look what I found this week while hunting for things to sell on eBay. This cute little Longeberger Basket that is perfect for keys, bath soaps or what ever. Dated 1987 ... not real old but collectible to those who love Longeberger.

What did I pay you ask? 38 cents that is all. Unbelievable thrift store and find. First I thought I would sell on eBay and figure I can get about $9.99, then thought about one of my daughter in laws who loves Longeberger baskets.

So for the holidays will give it to her with maybe some nice body lotion displayed in it. Posted and printed a coupon for Bath and Body Works on my other blog site.

This week end I will find a Bath and Body Work store, see what is on sale and get some of my holiday shopping started.
Will be a smart frugal holiday and I am off to a great start with this basket and coupon at Bath and Body Works.
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  1. Oh, what a cute little basket...I always look for these, but never seem to find any at our local thrift stores! great find. Happy VTT and have fun this weekend shopping!!

  2. There's always something wonderful about miniature things, isn't there?

  3. What an amazing deal you got on that basket! I know that those can be very expensive. I think that's a great idea to put lotions in there for your DIL. I didn't know that you had another blog! I'll be printing out that Bath and Body coupon, and checking out your other blog right now!

  4. thanks for your comments and hope that you visit my other blogs. I have lots of interest and keep adding blogs to match them.