Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday and Memories of Past Thanksgivings

Today for Vintage Thingies Thursday I am sharing memories of Thanksgiving. As a child I loved Thanksgiving dinner. It was all about going to grandpa Bill and grandma Grace's house and meeting up with cousins, am uncle and two aunts.

Dinner was simple but fantastic. The table had a white table cloth that grandma had ironed with one of those old mangles.

We had her best china on the table and in the center were these little candles. Two turkeys and a little pilgrim. With them was this little tee pee. Grandma had this old miniture skunk for some reason in her china cabinet.

Every Thanksgiving she would have every thing so perfect. I would find this old skunk and stick it in the teepee.

The fun was waiting to see how long it would take her to see her perfect table now had this old ratty skunk sticking out of the teepee. She would always say " Oh Grace"
Later years there was a little ghost on the table. But that is another story.

My grandparents are gone, parents have past on, my uncle Don is gone and Aunt Daisy is with them. All that is left is my Aunt Lil and us cousins. Of course we now are grandparents and hopefully 50 years from now our children will have wonderful memories of Thanksgivings.
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  1. What wonderful Thanksgiving memories....and I agree, I hope we are able to leave wonderful memeories for our own children and grandchildren...Have a great holiday and a wonderful VTT....I think my mom had a candle like the turkey and pilgrim, they seem familiar to me!

  2. What a fun idea to add the skunk.

  3. Oh, I LOVED this story!!! I had already enlarged your picture to try to figure out WHAT that black "stuff" was coming out of the tee pee!!! Tooo funny about the skunk.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. What wonderful memories you have! And you are very lucky to still have those little momentos!

  5. Oh, I love the Thanksgiving memories, your story is so sweet. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Such a lovely story. Love the skunk. We used to have a couple of teepees from Odanak, Quebec. I'll have to ask my mom what happened to them...

  7. Thanks for sharing your memories. The skunk is very funny.

  8. What a sweet story and wonderful memories. I'm sure you are making memories of your own this holiday season.



  9. What very sweet memories. Thanks for sharing. Happy VTT


  10. Love the story about the skunk and the teepee.. I remember those candles, we had them too.

  11. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  12. Great story! I always love hearing other people's traditions. You were very naughty putting that skunk on Grandma's pretty table,weren't you?! I bet she got a kick out of it!
    Happy VTT and Happy Thanksgiving!