Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pretty As A Peacock... Vintage Table Cloth That Is

I love thrift stores, estate sale and garage sales. I love the hunt for a treasure to sell on eBay. Sometimes I end up keeping them longer than planned and some times I sell them really fast.

I found this beautiful embroidered table cloth quite a while ago. Tried to sell it once on eBay with no luck. I packed it up and brought with me from California to Texas. To pretty to leave behind. A week ago I had a few items to put up for sale on eBay and thought why not give it a try. Sure enought I sold it tonight and so within a few days it will go to its new owner.

It is so pretty and only one little mark which I am sure will come out with a soaking in Biz.

Before I ship off I want to let you have a peek at this cutie that was mine for a bit.

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