Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Continuing To Creat Multi Media Crafts For Art/Craft Show

I have been working on more pieces to add to the Art/Craft Show in December. Here are some of the items I have finished so far.

This is a plastic ball I bought on sale at Michael's this last week, I scanned a picture of Santa from a vintage postcard.

The filling is from pages I tore out of vintage books, I used the covers in my other pieces of art.

A proud mama and her baby. Back ground is a page from one of my vintage books.

The above picture is of a pretty little girl posing on a horse with her mama.

Here we have a copy of a black and white picture of a car and the proud owners. Sitting in the front seat is two ladies. I think the young boy is just adorable. At the top is a copy of a vintage drivers license I found some time ago.

I have finished the back by gluing a page from a book and then gluing on a hanger so it can be displayed on a wall if desired. Would also fit just perfect in a display on a table or bookshelf.

These are made with covers from old books, vintage lace, pictures, keys, buttons, jewels and drift wood I collected from the Lake Superior beach this fall.

This will be my first art/craft show in over 15 years so and I am a little nervous and praying for some success.

Thanks for stopping by... Please take a moment looking around and I hope that you will return soon to see what I am up to.... Grace

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  1. Those Christmas ball are great. I love the one with book pages inside. Great idea. Thanks for stopping by "In His Grip".