Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Thrifty We Go .. RETRO Aqua and Gold Geometric Bowl and Lazy Susan

Hubby and I decided to go to our local Salvation army and Goodwill today.

Tuesday is Senior day at Salvation Army and we get a 25 percent discount. I spotted this vintage retro bowl in Aqua and Gold geometric design. In another area of the store I found a lazy Susan with two yellow and two aqua dishes for condiments or what ever.

It would be perfect on a buffet for olives, pickles or anything else. Middle of lazy Susan was open and I really think that the bowl belongs with this set. They were separated from each other and priced separately. With my discount I was able to buy for $7.50 plus tax.

I believe this set was from the 1950's to 1970's. Aqua was popular in the 1950's and then again in the 1970.

The lazy Susan part is made of metal and in not good shape with wear to the metal. I may not keep that piece or may even spray paint it gold colored.

Would love to hear from you. What year do you think this set is from and should I keep metal lazy Susan part or throw away???

Next stop was to Goodwill and there I found for $2.00 this Indiana Glass with Ruby Flash Goblet. Condition is good with no wear to the ruby Flash

Both of these pieces were bought for resell either on eBay or in my glass case at the Antique mall in Duluth. I probably will put in the Antique mall since I hate mailing glass items.

Thanks for stopping by.. Please take a moment before leaving and see some of my other postings. Grace


  1. Great bargains. I like the bowl with the lazy susan dishes. Seems a pity to throw away the lazy susan but some times that is necessary if it can't be repaired.

  2. Nice finds! Will be back when have more time and check some of your other posts.
    Thanks for stopping by and reading along. I have a tendency to ramble sometimes so hope you don't get bored. :D

  3. I love thrift store finds! Thanks for sharing!