Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Buying Vintage Tin at Auction and Taking Time For Petting Our Cats 11/7/12

Some days can be so hectic around here. We run and run even more trying to keep ahead with things I want to do or have to do.

I never seem to keep my home as nice as I would like. I store items we buy here and there and soon I feel over whelmed. It is so much more fun to buy items to sell and then some days they just sit till I get around to sell them.  Then again winter is almost here and with garage sales not happening it is nice to have some stock to sell.

We are planning to have a table at our local auction house this next Monday. It is a good way to move some of the items I have bought in the past. I have glassware including Fire King and vintage 48 records. A original painting from a Swiss painter from the 1940s. There is even a small piece of gold that will be sold. It is a 15 year pendant from US Steel on a chain. The pendant is 10 kt gold while the chain is probably not.

Monday night we went to the auction and bought items to sell in the antique store. Picked up a vintage red tin,

newspapers about both Kennedys being shot, Duluth picture and much more.

In the mean time it is just nice to visit with you with my feet up. Or maybe take a moment to pet one of the cats then back to work listing a book or vintage photo. These are my two adopted cats. Crossed eyed Siamese and my deaf albino cat. 14 and 10 years old and treasures for sure.

Thanks for stopping by to hear about my Wednesday. If you are looking for a pet to add to your home, please check out your local shelter. You just may find the loves of your life like we did with Blue and Gypsy Rose. The albinos name was Gypsy but I loved Natalie Wood in Gypsy Rose Lee so her name is now Gypsy Rose.

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