Friday, June 25, 2010

For The Love Of Junk and Other Treasures

I have always been drawn to vintage paper, postcards and old photos.
Earlier this week I went to check out one of my favorite blogs, from there I wandered to one of her favorites and I found a treasure of a blog. Some one who not only loves old photos but she is also drawn to old junky treasures. What she does with these treasures is very unusual. Some will love it and some will say " Huh".
Well I was intriqued. So intriqued that I have wandered around her site off and on several times this week.
She mentioned a book she read and loved " Rusty Things " by Michael DeMeng. I just had to go and find a used copy today. Hopefully I will receive it next week.
I look forward to giving this new "to me" craft a try real soon.
Take a moment and check out her site if you like at small-stories-studio

And of course had to check out an antique store yesterday to see if I could find anything of interest ... and this is what I found. Two wonderful old photos, vintage slate chalk board and some old checkers.

Have the start of an idea and lots of great photos to look through. Tomorrow there is an auction in Rosenberg.. just may find something there. If not lots of antique stores to wander around.

Glad you stopped by, I hope that you will take a moment peek at some of my past postings... Grace

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday Sharing Some Vintage Bling

Have not been around for Vintage Thingie Thursday for a bit.. work getting in the way and we have decided to leave HOT Texas for COLD Minnesota which is really home to us. We leave in about 6 weeks so I have been busy working, packing and trying to sell some of my books ( we have a part time book business on eBay) . Anything I can sell fast we do not have to move or get rid of.

Back to Vintage Thingie Thursday. Here is a cute little picture I put together. Have not been into crafts for some time and thought I would give it a little try again.

Everything used is vintage in this piece. The frame belonged to my grandparents and there was an old picture in it once. I replaced the old picture with a vintage ad for McLaughlin's Coffee and then some vintage jewelry pieces was glued to the frame.

Just about done... and will be putting in a sale some day..

Hope that you all have a great Vintage Thingie Thursday and visit others at

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Hunting at Estate Sales for Treasures

I love hunting thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales and attending auctions. Here is a couple of beautiful photos I found recently. I will have to think of something interesting to do with them.

Hope that you enjoy my pretty finds...