Saturday, July 17, 2010

Loving Vintage Paper.. Meet Ida M Friend a Millinery Shop Owner of 1909

I love vintage paper as I have said more than once. Every time I visit an estate sale or antique store that is where I end up. I love something different and this is one of my treasures I found lately.

It is a vintage post card advertising a Full and Complete line of Seasonable Millinery owned by Ida M Friend of Clearwater Minnesota. It is postmarked Mar 25 1909 Clearwater and addressed to Mrs Amy Erickson of Annandale Minnesota.

I went to and searched for Ida. In the April 1880 census Ida is 20 years old. In 1900 she can be found in Wright Minnesota and would be about 40 years old. Last time I found her is the 1930 census and she is in Oakland California and occupation is listed as a private home address.

I have no idea if this picture is of Ida in one of her outfits but I like to think it is. Her the young lady is dressed to go fishing. How cute she is.

I have other postcard that have been mailed to the Friend family in my collection. They are Christmas cards mailed to the Friend family who were living in Illinois in the early 1900's. View them at
Hope that you enjoyed seeing one of my favorite treasures. I am planning to use this in a future project. Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Sunday, July 4, 2010

ESTATE Sale FINDS on this JULY 4th Weekend

Holiday week end and not a lot of estate sales close by.. Hubby did find one that was within 25 miles so we map quested it and off we went. Sadly it was the last day... 50 percent off but hardly anything left to find.

This is some kind of white rock, does not appear to be crystals.

Work with family is getting in the way of my searching for treasures. We leave Texas in about 3 weeks and will move to Minnesota.

I will start to collect social security at 62, I will be able to spend more time hunting then and working more my own hours.

Here are my finds from this weekend. Not much and not sure what I will do with them once I move to Minnesota.

2 old railroad spikes, vintage clothes pins, broken metal tea pot and crummy old measuring spoons.

I just received in the mail a book I found on ebay. I had heard about" Secrets of Rusty Things " by Michael de Meng at another blog. I have started to read it and find it so intriquing. His comments on the side are even fun to read.

Ideas are wandering around and I am jotting them down and who knows what will come of these ideas in the future.

Well till later, have a fantastic 4th of July and stay safe.. Please watch out for wandering fireworks and drinkers on the road. ..... Grace