Saturday, October 29, 2011

Estate Auction Finds

Hubby and I love to go to auctions. We go to at least two auctions every week at local auction houses. Some times it is nothing of interest and other times it is full of treasures I would love to have or resell.
One of my new items to hunt for to keep for a time or to resell is ashtrays. I am always looking for advertising ashtrays or for ashtrays with advertising.
I have a good start on some from Las Vegas. My favorite is the one from The Castaways a Hughes Hotel.
And then you have the ashtrays that are called Smokers. When you put your cigarette in the slot the smoke comes out from a ear or nose or whatever.
I no longer smoke but find collectible ashtrays a fun hobby. I now have two books on Collecting Ashtrays that are fun to just look through.
What do you like to collect.
Thanks for stopping by.. Grace