Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Old Books Found At Library Sale Today in Duluth

Today was the first day of the library sale. Lots of new and old books at fair prices. Found no real treasures to resell.
Did find a copy of Little Women 120 years old to sell on eBay.
Other books I found are old poem books or hard covers for some craft project.
Will be posting my projects when finished.

Thanks for stopping by...Grace

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Finds In Duluth

We just moved back to Duluth Minnesota after 20 years. Sadly there are not garage sales year round because of the cold weather but we will still have our share of estate sales.

This last weekend we were able to find two sales and I found this wonderful photo of a darling dapper young man. It is printed on a real photo post card that is unused. This post card is from the early 1900's and since there are no markings I have no hint of where he lived or who he would be.

He sure is a cutie

I also found some pictures to sell on ebay this one is my favorite. I do not know where it is from but shows the firemen and the building they just put a fire out and sure looks cold by seeing the ice on the building. ...

thanks for stopping by.. Grace