Friday, March 18, 2011


Vintage Victorian Advertising cards can be collectible. Pretty pictures of a child or animals and then on the other side comes the advertising.

This one is an adorable little girl with her shoes and socks on the floor in front of a beautiful fireplace. Advertising the John Mundell & Co Philadelphia .. Solar Tip and Pansy shoes for Children. This one is damaged front and back but a wonderful piece of Victorian advertising.

These two are asian design and as I look at them I have a feeling of saddnest as the I think of the people of Japan. My prayers are with them. Some where I think I have a blue asian style hankie. Will have to find that and share sometime.

This adorable card has a child, big dog and a puppy. Advertising Helper Stoves and Ranges ... They are the best. Sadly the back is damaged from some one having pasted it in an album which was popular in the Victorian times.

And the last one is a adorable winter theme. Sweet child with long hair dressed in a beautiful green dress with fur trim reaching out to a little bird.

Hope that you have enjoyed seeing these vintage advertising cards. I will either sell on eBay or use them in some craft/decorating item.
Thanks for stopping by... Grace

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