Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hard to believe but Thanksgiving is upon us. At this time I think of past Thanksgivings. Time with family and friends. Mostly wonderful memories of wonderful food and time with my family.  My parents and grandparents are gone but the memories stay. What a beautiful Thanksgiving table they would prepare. Wonderful food, wonderful smells and lots of laughter. Later in the evening we would draw names to give gifts to at Christmas time. Whose name would we pick and what would we buy them. Wonderful memories of the past. I hope that 20 to 30 years from now my grandchildren will remember fond memories of these days spent with their parents and grandparents.

Today I am sharing one of my vintage Thanksgiving postcards. Hope all is well with you and that you have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for stopping by to visit. Grace

Fun Time Spent At The Local Auctions Treasures Found And Missed 11/22/11

Tonight was auction night. If you have ever gone to auctions on a regular basis as we do, soon people find out what you buy and start to get an interest in those items. If I am buying costume jewelry then they will start to bid it up. If it is found out I sold vintage baseball gloves on ebay all of a sudden the price goes up so high that there is no profit to really be made.
Tonight I decided to walk around and find something small on several tables. Something that is a bit off the wall that I could put in my antique mall.
End of the night I had an unusal coconut head made to look a pirate,
a neat vintage nautical picture,

an old frame with two wedding pictures or maybe one wedding picture and the other is a lady in white with bible and rosary. Not sure if wedding photo or something else. Have any of you ever seen a early 1900's photo with the bride only, no groom? Need to figure that out before selling. Frame has paint chipping. Need to do something there.

 Sitting under one table was a small box and stuck in there were some vintage Fuller Brush letter openers, old advertising stir stick, beer openers with advertising plus a knife.
Buy of the night was a turn of the century knife.
There were a couple of things I would of liked but price went to high. Secret is to know when to stop the bidding
End of the night results is hubby and I had a fun evening visiting with friends and searching for treasures to resell.
Hope that your treasure hunting is fun and profitable. Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Love Chunky Vintage Altered Art Bracelets One Of A Kind Treasures

I love bracelets big chunky charm bracelets. I have recently dug out beads from vintage necklaces, charms and I have been busy looking for vintage charm bracelets.
So far I have made two different charm bracelets. This is one of them. A Christmas theme charm bracelet.
I had found a colorful red and white bead necklace at a church sale and that was the starting pieces of this cute bracelt.
I have added a heart, chains, beads and bells to it. Hope that you are having fun with your altered art crafts or repurposing vintage items into new treasures.

thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Monday night we went to the auction as usually. Among the antique furniture, glassware and collectible dolls were some interesting industrial looking pieces. Different than every thing else and pieces of history.
I was able to buy 2 call buttons from what was once Glass Block in down town Duluth Minnesota. I have great memories of taking a taxi cab ride with my mom and sister to shop for clothes. After shopping we would take the elevator to the basement to eat at the counter.
I have now listed one of them on eBay for auction and they should do well. Wonderful pieces of history and would make great decorating pieces or book ends.
On a different table was 4 United States mail box covers.
Another piece of metal from old. These had a combination to open them up to get the mail. They also will be listed for auction sometime this week.
Add an old telephone bell
and a box of keys plus a bag full of old bank bags and we had a perfect night of fun bidding.
One error was an old camera I bought for $3.00. I did not pay attention and the camera is missing, but who cares. It as a note of when it was given as a Christmas gift and from who. Can sit on a table as a decorating piece and even hide a treasure inside if some one wants to.
Hope that you finds are fun whether you are hunting estate sales, thrift stores or auction houses.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace