Sunday, February 12, 2012


I can not help myself, not only do I enjoy my own family photos and year books, I am a sucker for those that do not belong to me.
I want to look at them, wonder about the people in the picture and then pass them on to others.
Whether they are sold in my spot at the antique store or on eBay they are my precious treasures till they have moved on.  Right now I have three great auctions vintage photos for sale on eBay.

For some reason pictures of people in their caskets are popular. I do not understand it but bought some vintage photos at auction and several were this type. A older man in his casket and photos of people at cemetery. I picked two and put them up for auction. If they sell I have others to offer. Orphan photos 107 and 108 are below.

Then there is the one of a gentleman from either the 1940's or 1950's I am guessing. He is standing in front of what looks like corn and behind him is his band.  What makes this old black and white snapshot picture a treasure of history is his van.  Written on it is the bible verse John 3: 16. He is a traveling preacher spreading his belief.  Here is orphan photos 109

Last is orphan photo 110 of a darling young boy in the field with his dog and pitch fork.
No names or locations on any othese these photos I am sad to report.

Hope that you enjoy seeing these treasures and if interested grab them today. They end tomorrow evening. Grace

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