Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vintage Real Postcards of Girls Wearing Eye Glasses

Today was a " Lets Go Antiquing " day. My quest was for vintage postcards and photos of interest to me and others to tell you about and to sell on eBay.

I found several wonderful items today, I am starting with 3 vintage real photo postcards all are of young women wearing glasses.

I rarely find a vintage photo with someone wearing glasses and today I found three all at the same Antique store and same dealer.

First photo is of three beautiful young women the youngest with a big bow in her hair. This is the only one identified and is marked Myrtle, Floy and Violet.
Second post card is two young women probably sisters. I am guessing this is from the late 1910's or 1920's by their clothing. This one is also foreign, stamp area is marked differently and Post card is marked Carte Postale. Probably from France or French / Canadian.
Third post card is of a woman a little older but not old. She is dressed in her best coat and gloves. She is also wearing a great hat with some decoration on the side probably a flower and high top shoes.
All three post cards are unused and in good condition. The old saying is " Men Don't Make Passes At Girls Wearing Glasses " but I am guessing all these ladies at passes made at them. They are all simply adorable.

I hope that you enjoyed tonight's post and come back to see other treasures I found today. Quite a few of them are vintage Thanksgiving and Christmas Post cards and will be posted on my other site

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