Saturday, January 23, 2010

Forgotten Photo # 35 Fantastic WEDDING Couple Houston Texas Frank and Bertha Koehler

Take a look at the great vintage cabinet photo I found this week at an antique store. I plan to put this up for sale on my eBay site but wanted to give you a preview.
I love vintage wedding photos and this one is fantastic. She is in the most beautiful dress with ruffles. There is a flower in her hair and her bouquet is fairly large.
The groom is a real handsome young man with three piece suit and a mustache.
Best of all this one is identified. So sad that families let them go.
Back is identified as Frank and Bertha Berndt Koeher Houston Texas Wedding photo.

I found them in the 1910 census in Texas. Census says he is 36 and she is 20 and that they had been married 5 years. If this fact is true she was 15 when they married. The census has him born in Germany and she was born in Texas.
I did not find them in Texas in 1920 on a quick search.

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  1. Oh My!!!! How could the family let this go??? I do genealogy work on my family and husbands family, and I would love to have such a picture..and treasure it. I hope it finds a good home..

  2. I hope it finds a good home. I searched and found no family tree with both Frank and Bertha listed . So sad that they get separated when estates close up.