Monday, February 15, 2010

Orphan Photo Vintage Real Photo Postcard # 42 Pouty Little Girl

What a precious young child. Darling little girl on the porch of her home with a pouty face. there is no post mark so I do not know exact age but probably early 1900's. Great message written ... hard to read at times.

" Dear Folks Here is Jean's picture on the east side of porch by bedroom door. A man came along this Thursday asked to take it. They took every children under 6 years of age for motion picture film for one of their theaters. Its a baby contest prizes are given Dec 29th. I had to wake Jeanys and of course she was " pouty". I got your good letter today with Grace's included. Did my 1st big washing today since I'm here. every colored dress for Jean was in it. Say Papa, I never knew a dipper was before. It works fine. Have a lame shoulder. I have been embroidering evenings until I am gets home on some Xmas stuff. So I guess that is what causes it. Glad Grace had such a nice time at Cleveland. Its such a pretty day and I must get Jean out so will leave you. Am sending you a couple Linton? daily papers jut to show you what they are like nothing of ? ? that will interest you . Lots of love from us all your daughter Za? "

Most of this I can read and has a lot of information but do not have any idea who these folks are so a lost piece of history.

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