Thursday, October 28, 2010

Orphan Photo #70 Precious Little Girl From Chicago.. Great Fashion

Today's Orphan Photo is of a precious young girl. What a sweet little girl, her long hair and smile are two of her features. She is dressed in a two piece outfit with skirt mid leg and tall boots that button up the side.
Photographer is Ahlborn of Chicago, Illinois.

Sadly there is no name on the back of photo.

I have decided to put her up for sale on ebay at this time. If you have any interested in vintage photos just follow the link
then search for my offerings for sale.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace


  1. It is a lovely photo. I always do a double take when I come to your blog cuz the four part photo on your banner reminds me of pics in the same format that we have of my dear mil as a baby. I'm blessed with almost too many old photos. Good luck with selling yours.

  2. Thanks for visiting and the comment. Always so nice to know someone is out there looking.. Grace