Monday, February 28, 2011

ORPHAN CABINET PHOTO # 93 Hard Working Family LaCrosse Wisconsin

Here is another wonderful vintage cabinet photo from my collection. It is of a hard working family from the LaCrosse Wisconsin area. Picture is from the early 1900's probably showing mother, father and two young girls. Sadly I do not know who they are.

On the back is written the names Papperfuss of Lamorlle Minnesota and Mrs. A hackbart Lamoille Minnesota with what looks like address by section and the comment of $15.00 each.
What is the meaning of this. Did the owner of the photo use this as a scratch paper to jot land they were thinking of buying or is a clue to the people in the photo.

We probably will never know but I would love to hook this up with family member some day.

Thanks for visiting me here as I share some of my vintage treasures.... Grace


  1. The writing looks like maybe looking at land sections? There is a Papperfuss who lived in St Joseph MN in 1895 and died in 1905 and he was from Poland...per Ancestory Maybe he was thinking of buying his land? mystery

  2. Wonderful photograph. And my goodness don't mother and the two children look alike. Of course we are not sure about father, lost behind his beard as he is.