Friday, February 12, 2016

Peeking Into The Past of Minnie Grace Fuller Illinois 1878 - 1968

Awhile back at an auction in Duluth Minnesota I bought a photo album with pictures labeled Cripps

and Gregory.

Today's photo is of an adorable young girl about the age of 7 years old  identified as Grace Fuller.

Searching ancestry I came up with what I think is the information of Minnie Grace Fuller

who married Bartlett Eugene Allen. There was another photo of Grace and looking at the two

side by side I think I found my girl.

Back of photo is photographer in De Kalb, Illinois.

Grace and her family lived in Iowa most of her life.  Now while I can not be definite that I found the

right person on ancestry and do feel somewhat confident.  This photo is offered on eBay and looking

for a family member.

Thanks for stopping by. Grace

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