Sunday, March 21, 2010

Orphan Photo # 55 Cabinet Family Judge Samuel Sawyer

Today's orphan photo is another Sawyer family photo from an Estate sale.
The back of the photo tells us that it is of Judge Samuel Locke Sawyer born Mount Vernon New Hampshire Nov 26 1813.
Died Independence Mo 1890 , married Dec 23, 1841. Father of Thomas Callaway Sawyer.
This is a piece of treasure with family information written. Sadly it has been given up by the family and does not tell us who he married or who his parents were.
Back of photo tells us that Samuel was 74 years old when photo was taken.

Thanks so much for stopping by and viewing my vintage photos.. hope that you come back again .. Grace


  1. In 1860 Samuel is listed as a Lawyer and Farmer in Lexington MO; his wife is Mary and they have 4 children in the home including Thomas listed on the reverse of the photo. More research might turn up further descendants of his children. I would just love to adopt every photo I see at our local flea market and track down their families and return them. You have a great blog and many great photos to share. Thanks!

  2. thanks for your research. It is nice to see information on the photos but usually they are unidentified. thanks for visiting