Monday, January 24, 2011

Orphan Photo # 90 TinType Photo Two Young Men With Suitcases

Here is a great vintage TinType Photo of two young men holding suitcases. Dressed in three piece suits with jacket over their shoulders. Man on the right has a pipe in his mouth.

I love these old tintypes. This one has some damage near bottom. Sadly this is another orphan photo with no idea who these cute young men were.

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  1. I have all my grandmothers photos and my cousins and I said we better be writing who is who...because some we dont know. We never think we won't be around to id them!

  2. I always wonder about the long history of these old photos. These guys look like they're heading out west to stike it rich in the Gold Rush. That sounds good, right?

  3. They are going or pretending to going somewhere. I think this is a great old tintype. Thanks for visiting me

  4. Love these old tintypes! Thanks for sharing with us on JFF!

  5. What a great old tintype! Thank you so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday! :-)

  6. Great image, love the pipe and the bags they're carrying. Thanks for linking up with VIF!