Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Treasures Found At Thrift Stores and Estate Sales

Hubby and I love to spend several days a week hunting for books and any other items we think we can resell on eBay or Amazon to suppliment our retirement income.

I have always believed that my hubby did not really listen to me when I was sharing items I was looking for to resell.
Well I was wrong, I had mentioned that vintage Disney fabric was sellable on eBay and look what he spotted first at a recent estate sale. I put it up for auction last night and it already has bids.

Also this week at a thrift store I spotted two glasses that look like Dorothy Thorp roly poly that were made popular on the Mad Men show. I do not know if they are real Thorp's or some made to look like them during the mid century period.  I have listed them on eBay with a statement of not knowing if they are orginal or not. You can watch to see if they sell by hitting the link above.

I love going to sales, great entertainment and there is always the possiblity of finding a true treasure to resell on ebay. You can see what I am selling by going here.

So here is two tips for you to watch for when you are out hunting. Do you have any that you want to share. I love tips on what to look for while out hunting.

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