Saturday, June 25, 2011


It is garage sale time and hubby and I to search for items to resell at a local auction house, at the antique mall or on eBay or Amazon.
You never know what will turn up as you enter each sale. Yesterday hubby and I spent the morning going to different sales with the main idea of loading up on items to resell at the local auction house. I keep the small jewelry pieces to resell in my case at the antique mall but the other items are sold to other dealers or to collectors.
Pictured here is some jewelry I found in a basement and paid just pennies for it. Two pieces are marked silver and one is gold filled.
Today we are getting ready for another day of searching.
Soon I will share some of the mid century furniture I have been buying. We are moving into a bigger apartment and need furniture. I am in love with furniture from the 50's, furniture my mother would of had as I grew up. I am on the hunt for other blogs on decorating with items from this time period and will add those sites as I find them to this page.
Hope that you all have a fun filled day and thanks for stopping by. Grace


  1. You found some beautiful pieces at a great prices. I'm always on the hunt for jewelry, but didn't find any this weekend.