Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Good morning everyoneSorry that I have not been around for awhile, hubby and I have been busy with working to buy and sell items on eBay,to put into our display case at the antique store. As if that is not enough,  now we have been searching for items to sell at the auction. At the same time we are looking for items to buy and resell from the auction houses.

Last night hubby and I went to the Monday night auction to watch some items we had up for sale. While there some pretty rhinestone jewelry came up for auction. A couple of pieces are marked silver or gold filled and one with an unknown makers mark ( QUILL 12 k gold filled). If any one has information on the makers mark of Quill I would love to hear from you. Sadly this brooch is missing one clear stone.

We brought in $75.00 ( after sellers fees)  from sales and I spent $22.00 for all of this jewelry pictured.

I feel nice rhinestone jewelry is a great investment to resell. It is like money in the bank. Plus brooches are popular now with the craze of Mad Men Style dress and decorating.
This rhinestone jewelry will be checked, priced and then brought to the antique store to be added to my case. I only have half a case and hope to expand to a whole case when one comes available.

One exciting thing going on is we are planning to move into a larger apartment. Right now we are on the beach of Lake Superior but the apartment is less than 400 square feet. To small for the two of us who look and store items to resell. Our new apartment will be two bedrooms and with views of lake superior from the living room and the two bedrooms. One of the bedrooms will be our office.
We are working hard to make and save the needed $1,000 deposit. Strange how when you have a goal you work and save harder than before. We now have $285 in the savings account and $100 more on its way to the bank from sales at eBay.

I hope that all of you have a great day, thanks for stopping by to visit. I am now off to collect some more Stuff around here to bring to the aution house to sell next week.  Grace

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