Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Monday night we went to the auction as usually. Among the antique furniture, glassware and collectible dolls were some interesting industrial looking pieces. Different than every thing else and pieces of history.
I was able to buy 2 call buttons from what was once Glass Block in down town Duluth Minnesota. I have great memories of taking a taxi cab ride with my mom and sister to shop for clothes. After shopping we would take the elevator to the basement to eat at the counter.
I have now listed one of them on eBay for auction and they should do well. Wonderful pieces of history and would make great decorating pieces or book ends.
On a different table was 4 United States mail box covers.
Another piece of metal from old. These had a combination to open them up to get the mail. They also will be listed for auction sometime this week.
Add an old telephone bell
and a box of keys plus a bag full of old bank bags and we had a perfect night of fun bidding.
One error was an old camera I bought for $3.00. I did not pay attention and the camera is missing, but who cares. It as a note of when it was given as a Christmas gift and from who. Can sit on a table as a decorating piece and even hide a treasure inside if some one wants to.
Hope that you finds are fun whether you are hunting estate sales, thrift stores or auction houses.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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