Friday, February 10, 2012


Almost the middle of February and I am getting antsy for garage sale season. It can not come fast for either my hubby or me. At this time of the year hubby and I limited to either thrift stores or the local auction houses.  There is estate sales every once in awhile but they are always priced higher so I have to watch myself so I do not spent too much for an item. There is one estate sale today and bargain day tomorrow so maybe I will find some treasure to resell. Hubby and I went to one of the local auctions last night. Pickings were slim. I saw one mid century round shelf I liked was considering to resell but it went to high to buy and make any money. Then there was a cute little chair mid century also, I considered it until they moved it to go with a desk that it did not match. There were boxes of books but nothing caught my eye, hubby is more patient and dug a bit and found two boxes that he thought were worth while bidding on. He did the bidding and won the two boxes. We went through them and picked the ones we wanted and the remainder will be resold at another auction. After they finished with things we were interested in we left and headed home. Got home just about 9 pm and sat at our computer to check out our books. I ended up listing four of them on Amazon for an asking price of     $75.00. The treasure of the bunch in my opinion is this 1915 copy of Duluth Central High School yearbook. I had not bothered to look in these boxes because it looked like old junk. That behavior will change from this day forward. This is my high school and they closed it for good last year. Shame on the beings that chose to close my school and then sink money into the other two high schools. That is another rant for future days. Duluth Central opened up in 1892 in down town Duluth and it is a thing of beauty. This yearbook is fantastic, after all these years it is in amazing condition. There are 266 pages plus an index of the students and the quality of the pages is outstanding. This would make a great addition to any family history collection. I will be selling this vintage year book.   But until it is sold will enjoy looking through it. There are at least two memoriam's to students who died before the class graduated. One is a female named Rae Madge Abraham who died from illness and then two boys who drowned. The boys names were James Arthur Kelly and Gerald Francis McCormack. I did not have any family members living in Duluth at this time so no chance of finding family members. Have you found anything of interest to resell lately. I would love to hear your stories of found treasures.

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