Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dating Vintage Clothing ~ Mens Suits Are Todays Treasure

The weeks can pass by so fast. Between going to auctions twice a week and hunting garage sales 2 to 3 times a week we can be very busy. Probably will have mo garage sales today since it is rainy and very foggy.

Last Thursday we were at one of our local auction houses. It was getting late, we were getting antsy and ready to head home.  Up comes a rack of vintage clothing from a seller.  The first few items went for a few dollars. At the end the whole rack was offered minus the metal rack of course for $2.50. I bid and won thinking I can take to a local organization to give to those who are looking for clothing free.
Well on boxing it up hubby and I noticed the suits were in good condition and vintage 1970s probably. Well made and in good condition.
Time to now start researching men's styles and sort through those to resell and those to take to give away. I am off to the library and the used bookstores to see if I can find books on clothing styles.
Here is just one of my found suits. I think it is from the 1970's. Brand is Pendleton and has a western leisure style.

Other than a couple of stains it is in great condition. Hope that your treasure hunting is fun and profitable. Have a great day. Grace

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