Sunday, June 3, 2012

Treasures Found Books, Vintage Items, Collectible 1960s

Another fun weekend. Most of it was spent watching one of my grandson's play in a hockey tournament. Yes they play hockey in June. Twelve years old will play hockey any time they get a chance.
Even though most of our time was spent in arenas or watching the kids play in the hotel pool we did find a little time to hunt for treasures.

Saturday morning 9 am sharp and we are in a church basement among tables of books. First place I hit is cookbooks and find a nice supply of vintage small cook books to resell on the Internet.

A couple of tables away there is a great supply of vintage pulp paperbacks. They can have the best cover art and can be collectible.

Then today Sunday afternoon after watching the grandson's team comes in 2nd place after a loss in overtime we went to a estate sale.  While others are looking at the over priced china or in the kitchen looking at items I see over priced even when they are half price today I head to the bedroom and them the basement.  Nothing of excitement in the bedroom so off to the basement. There I find on a shelf a vintage 1970's make up mirror, 1950's automatic travel iron and a vintage ladies shaver probably from the 1960's. 

Next to all this is some more vintage cookbooks or instructions to vintage kitchen products.

Cost for all of this on Sunday reduced price day is $6.00 while we found a total of 57 books at the church sale for $27.00. Money can be made searching basements.

I hope that your weekend was a fun and hopefully profitable as mine should be after all is listed and sold. Until later happy hunting. Grace

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