Monday, November 8, 2010

Rare 1923 Franklin Sugar Recipe Book

I love Estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores and antique stores. We are always on the hunt for some treasure to buy and resell on the Internet to help suppliment our income.

Yesterday we were out hunting and stopped at a small estate/garage sale. Boy was it chilly. November in Northern Minnesota is not really garage sale time.

Well in this garage is a pile of books and as I look through them I found craft books on quilting, basket making and a couple of recipe/cookbooks to sell on the internet.
One of them was " The Franklin Sugar Sweetmeat book printed in 1923. Small recipe book and only 64 pages.

I will be listing it tonight on eBay but until it sell will share some of the recipes with you at my other blog Stop over there if interested

It is rare and I have only found 2 other copies for sale on the Internet so far.
I will be posting this at
What have you found recently at sales. Thanks for stopping by..


  1. That's an interesting title for a cookbook. Great find.

  2. Now that is really cool. I have several old cookbooks that I don't really use (one of the Mexican ones calls for processes no longer useful unless you're a homesteader!), but that I love looking through. What a great find!

  3. What a great find. I love discovering old books in shops and estate sales, too.