Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Photos Vintage Cars Need Help Identifying

I am going through family photos and these are two cars my father owned.
My dad loved cars way to much. Every time my mama turned around my dad had traded in his car. Some where there is a list of some of the cars he owned. Wish I could find that piece of paper.

I am showing these photos here and hoping some car person can identify them for me.

First car is when we lived in Texas . Probably was later 1940's . I can not make out the exact year but think I see a 4?. The license plate is Texas for sure and I think it says Kaiser on the front.

What year and is it a Kaiser?

Second car is parked on a street some where. looks like snow on ground so either Michigan or Minnesota.
I love the buildings and signs in the back ground. Conoco, S& H, Grain belt. I am working on trying to figure out the building on the left towards back sign on building may help me identify where taken

Okay on the car what year and make?

I want to look for more photos of my dad's cars to put together in an album as a great tribute to him and his cars.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


  1. Hi Grace, The white car is a Saab. The grill was very similar from 1966 through 1969. You can fine tune the research on Google. Be careful though. When you search for "1969 Saab" and click on "images" in the upper left corner, the search engine will look for "1969 Saab" in the caption line that accompanies the photo. Sometimes the author is talking about one car and showing another. Look at small details in the car body, especially the grill. Each model year should have a unique detail or two.

  2. The Kaiser is probably a 1946, '47, or '48 model. Again, you can spend the time checking fine details on Google.

  3. Do you know what neighborhood the Saab was parked in? Maybe you're not interested, but I'm a bit curious. Could it be Woodland Avenue? Or The Plaza on Superior St? You probably can read the signs with a magnifier. The sign with the Scandinavian roof on it ... there are, were several like that around town. The Chalet, SkI Hut, Somebody's House, Sweden House, but the sign seems to have two words on it that start with S and G. Bea Ojakangus called her restaurant "Stuben Haus" before it became Sweden House. Below it is a small sign that says "Mid___ MARKET".
    What are your thoughts?

  4. OOPS ... I just now read your second paragraph about the Saab. So you ARE trying to identify the location. The "building on the left" that you're trying to figure out isn't a building. It's a large group of signs that combines the largest sign with a roof design, and below it a Grain Belt beer sign and a market sign. The building farther back down the road, the one that's cut off at the left edge, looks a bit like Mount Royal Manor. I don't know, though. The three white houses on the side street are throwing me off. They make me think of 9th street at about 12th avenue east.

  5. Sign says Sveden House not Sweden house googled that but no help. They are still in business in parts of country. I do not remember businsses on 9th street in the late 1950's. Could be some place on Superior Street. Thanks for looking and trying to help me

  6. The Saab is a 1966 or 67 or 68 or 69 ... so the photo is from the late 1960's.
    Girl, you gotta put on your detective hat. Below the "Sveden House" does it say "two blocks yadda yadda". And below that is there an arrow with text in it?
    The smaller sign to the right of the "Grain Belt" looks like "Midsomething Market". Can you read it?