Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Orphan Photo # 78 CDV Sepia Man With Big Mustache #2

Here is another Vintage Sepia Photo Man With Big Mustache posting #2. This is a CDV or
carte de visite or visiting card picture of another handsome young man with a mustache, but he also has a very neatly trimmed beard. Dressed in probably his best suit he is posing for us. His suit is a 3 piece with wide collar. If you note his tie is different than yesterday's posting. This one is thin and has a piece of jewelry or button in the middle.

The back of the photo shows us that it was printed by U Scott's Photograph Gallery
in G W Miller's New Block Waterloo Iowa P O Box 255
Sadly we have no name so this is another orphan photo that I have bought for my online store to sell. We do no that he probably lived in Iowa at this time, He appears to be early 20's. CDV became popular around the 1860's to 1890's. This tells us he was born some time in the later 1800's. To better date this we would need to be able to date his clothing and I am not an expert on that. My best guess is that this is dated around 1890. What do you think?
For more information on the CDV you can read here
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