Friday, March 25, 2011

Orphan Photo # 98 MEET JAMES MURRAY HUMPHREY 1916 Sepia Saturday

I have so many old family photos of my own, but I am at an estate sale or antique store and I come across a picture like this I just have to have it.

Hopefully I will find the family it belongs to. Someone who will treasure this wonderful picture as it deserves.
What an adorable photo with cute hair cut, small smile and sitting on a wonderful old bench.
On the back of the photo is written
For Aunt Sue from James Murray Humphrey age eighteen months four days November 9th 1916.

I am assuming that this means the photo was taken on this date which would mean he was born may 5th 1915.

I went to ancestry and found what I believe is his obituary. I will be doing more research on him this afternoon. Obituary dated 22nd of Jan 2004
Navy veteran James Murray Humphrey, 88, of 1536 Meadowlark Drive, died of natural causes Thursday at Peace Hospice.
A private family memorial service will be held Thursday. Schnider Funeral Home is handling cremation and arrangements.
Survivors include his wife of 60 years, Elizabeth S. Humphrey, of Great Falls; a daughter, Jean Kaimakliotis of London, England; sons James Humphrey and Mark Humphrey of Great Falls; granddaughters Katie and Hayley Kaimakliotis; and grandsons Andrew and Luke Humphrey.
James was born May 5, 1915, in Fosston, Minn., to James L. and Elva M. Humphrey. He graduated from Great Falls High School in 1933 and from Dartmouth College in 1937.
He enlisted in the U.S. Navy on Dec. 8, 1941, and served as an ensign in communications at Pearl Harbor throughout the Second World War.
He and Elizabeth Schneiderhan were married in San Francisco on May 17, 1943. At the end of World War II, he assumed operation of the James L. Humphrey farm management business in Great Falls and continued in that livelihood through most of his career. He built a ranch in Chouteau County, which occupied his energies in his later years.
James enjoyed hiking, his cabin in the Sun River Canyon, and the outdoors. He was an avid reader of history, political economy and fiction. He promoted the philosophy of free markets and individual liberty, and sponsored students who attended educational seminars at the Foundation for Economic Education.
As a member of the Dartmouth College Alumni Council during the '50s and '60s, he actively recruited aspiring high school students from across Montana to attend Dartmouth College. He was a 50-year Mason at Cascade Lodge No. 34, a life member of the Scottish Rite, and a lifelong member of the Great Falls Rotary Club. Throughout his life he was a Christian Scientist.

I am offering this beautiful photo to family members for $10.00 plus shipping. This will reinburs me for my purchase and time hunting and reuniting family photos. I am also leaving messages at about the photo. If you can help reunite this photo and family please email me at

I will be sharing this at Sepia Saturday
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  1. Well worn and well loved photo, I'm sure. He has a good home with you.

  2. A great illustration of what can be achieved when you start digging beneath the surface of an old image. The photograph of the child may be faded and almost lost in the original photograph, but you bring him to the forefront again after all these years.

  3. Hope you hear from a family member so the photo can be returned. What a nice find.
    Ladies of the grove

  4. Thank you all for visiting and taking the time to comment, I do hope I get a note from from someone.

  5. Wouldn't it be fun if someone is looking for his information and found you! I love the little boots!

  6. This certainly is a gorgeous photo, I love the hair cut and his expression. he looks as though he knows the photographer well. Amazing research finds on him.

  7. What a very nice photo and remembrance of what sounds to be a fine life.

  8. Oh, I so much want old photographs to be with family members (and wish someone would post old photographs of my family so I could find and have them)! I hope someone in his family is working on their family history.