Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reseller Needing To Get Her Butt In Gear

Are you a reseller on the Internet like I am? Do you put in the hours you know you should to make the money you want to?

I have been selling on the Internet for over 10 years and at times have made over $2,000 a month gross but could never get past that level. Lately we are lucky to make $500 gross. I have come to the conclusion that I am not prioritizing my hours like I should.

A couple days ago I found a reseller who is putting in the hours she does because she needs to.

At this time she is the main bread winner.

I read about the hours she works and realize why my income is so low. I spend to much time with busy work.

Take a peek and meet my newest inspiration Apron Thrift Girl.

Yesterday instead of wandering around the Internet I spent over two hours re listing books and lowering prices of books on eBay and Amazon. We then went to two thrift stores. I did not find anything but hubby found some books in the Time West series that are sellable. Not all Time Lifes bring in enough money to make it worth while to pay almost $2.99 each but these fall with in the range that it is probably worth buying them.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.. thanks for stopping by.. and if you are a reseller I would love to hear your stories and know about your blogs on reselling.. Grace

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