Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This last weekend we went out hunting several thrift stores in the neighboring town. We had spent the weekend with grand daughter so took her out with us. As of yet I do not think she will get the thrifting bug but I am not done with her yet.

Not much found I am afraid to say and usually prices are way to high. First place we head when we walk into a thrift store is the book area. We are ex bookstore owners and have bought and sold books for years. After I go through the books I next head to the other areas of the store.

I am really looking forward to Spring and the start of garage sales. Prices hopefully will be better than the thrift stores.

What I found was four vintage romances to resell.

Three by Jayne Castle who is also known as Jayne Bentley, Amanda Glass, Stephanie James, Jayne Ann Krentz and Jayne Taylor,

and a rare romance by Diana Blayne

who is also known as Katy Currie, Susan Kyle and Diana Palmer.

All four will be put up for sale within days on eBay and Amazon.

Did you go thrift store hunting this last weekend? I hope that you found some real goodies. I will be sharing this at

Thrift Share Monday

Penny Worthy Project
Flea Market Finds

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  1. I think those candlelight ecstasy books are pretty hard to find!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes they are hard to find but when you check amazon some are not as rare as the Blayne. That one is the gem