Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hubby spotted a moving sale on Craigs list yesterday. I am glad we took the time to drive to sale.
Found 2 Halloween mold figures that light up a ghost and a pumpkin. Perfect for Halloween and very desireable as decorations. I used them last night in our window. The figures cost me a total of $7.00. Very sellable on the eBay or Craigs list for alot more than that.

We love to collect metal bells and found a nice one for $5.50 to add to our collection and on a shelf found this nice Fire King Batter Bowl for $3.50. The bell we will keep but the batter bowl will be put up for sale either on eBay or in the antique store.

Add to this 5 nice hard covers on Lake Superior, Logging camps and one on Alaska. They will be sold either in the store or on line at Amazon. Each were marked $4.00 but got them for $2.00 each.

Great buys and worth the drive and time. May have to go back today and see what I  want to add to the pile of goodies.

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