Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CASH FOR TRASH WEDNESDAY 10/31/12 plus eBay End Of Month Sales

Cash for trash is a posting on some items I have sold this last week on the Internet. These items are not really trash but used items I have found,bought and sold.
Recently I bought a large group of vintage bras and girdles at an estate auction. Within the last few days I sold a beautiful vintage bra from the 1950s on eBay and it is on its way over seas. Another one is staying within the US. This is a Cotton Bra sold on eBay. And I was able to sell a second vintage men's suit. This one sold for $29.99. The first one sold for a buy it now price of $60.00.

Another great item these last week have been vintage cookbooks.  Here is a vintage White House Cookbook that sold for only $5.00 but came in a group of cookbooks so I know I did make some money.
Total sold on eBay in October is $744.59 gross. Are you selling on the Internet to supplement your family income and if so how is it going?

Thanks for stopping by for Cash for Trash Wednesday and Happy Halloween every one. Be safe.

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