Saturday, December 29, 2012

Selling and Collecting Vintage Game Boards On eBay

Last summer I bought 8 vintage game boards at a garage sale. They have been sitting on my to list pile and this weekend I have been busy getting them ready to sale. These will be added to my eBay auction listings this Sunday night.
I only have the game boards but they are neat in them self. Fun to collect and decorate with.
One of the best ways to display game boards that don't have pieces is to hang them on the wall.
The beautiful colors, pictures, and designs will add something special to your room.

 WW1 Battle Game

The Rebel based on a TV show
Ropes and Ladders Game
Vintage Crossword Game
Here are 4 of my vintage game boards that I will be selling.  I have lots of items around here in my to list pile on eBay or etsy or Amazon . Watch for more of my game boards that I will be selling.
My plan is to list them for auction, if they do not sell after 2 times out I will put in my eBay and etsy stores.

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