Monday, December 31, 2012

ORPHAN PHOTO #125 Vintage Real Postcard John Arvid Someli Indo was married to Hulda Jussila in 1922

This orphan vintage real post card is of a young man posed in a simple chair. Dressed in a business type suit.

Back of post card has a paper taped on it that has the name John Arvid Someli Indo
born 03 -25 -1885 died 09 -19 -1924. Married Hulda Jussila on 09 - 29 - 1922, buried at Park Hill on 09 - 25 -1924 Div G Row 24 Grave 23. There is a Park Hill Cemetery in Duluth Minnesota.
Post card is from the 1901 to 1907 era so young man was in his 20 and I think it was taken here in the United States.

I find John living as a boarder in the 1920 census in Duluth. He was listed as a laborer working in the woods, is widowed and immigrated from Finland in 1913.
I find a Hulda living in Duluth and listing John as her husband and that he is deceased.  She was living in what is now the down town area of  Duluth on South 1st ave West.
Sadly from this picture I can see that he was married to Hulda just two years before he died at the age of 39 years old.
I could not find him in any family trees on ancestry at this time. Searched for his wife Hulda, I found that she immigrated from Finland landing in Canada and then coming to the United States in February of 1910. She was born about 1885. No family trees found at this time.

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