Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I know several people who turn their nose up at buying something at a garage sale or even a thrift store.  I love to shop all of the above plus flea markets.  What I do not like is malls and big stores even more.
I can spend hours at a flea market and at the mall I am in and out as soon as a possible.
Just a few weeks ago we were visiting the twin cities to see family and friends. Of course part of the time is spent at garage sales.  We are always on the hunt to find items to sell on the Internet or Craig's List. I have to admit I do not use Craigs List enough.

Back to my hunting, we were towards the end of the day when I spotted a garage sale down an alley. One of the first item I spotted was a bread maker that looked almost new. Just the day before my girlfriend Al had made us home made pizza using the bread maker to make her dough. It was the best I had ever had and I could imagine making my own pizza at home.
We have made about 8 loaves of bread, no more store bought bread in this house but have not made the home made pizza as of yet.
Here is a picture of my bread maker and one of my loaves of bread. Well worth the $20.00 spent.
Do you have to buy new or do you buy used if possible?  Grace

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  1. Used to have one of these. Loved it. Saw one at the Goodwill and thought about buying it. By the time I'd made up my mind it was gone. Shopping at thrift stores means if you want it you'd better buy it because they've only got one.